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Rouge Park Golf Course Scorecard

See the Rouge Park Golf Course scorecard here. Open this page on your phone to bring along the tips and tricks to get the edge on the competition!

scorecard Rouge Park

scorecard rouge park 2

Rouge Park Golf Course Tips and Tricks Hole by Hole

Scorecard Hole #1 – A slight draw down the right side of the fairway is ideal off the tee to have a good look at the green. Remember to keep your ball short and left of the pin to have an uphill putt.

Scorecard Hole #2 – Hammer it off the tee but watch out for the green side bunker.

Scorecard Hole #3 – Reachable par 5 but be careful of the out of bounds all down the right side. Takeyour medicine when hitting at the green.Go for the center of the green. Be aware there are false sides all around the green.

Scorecard Hole #4 – Make sure to stay out of the green side bunker. Hitting into the bunker is disaster.

Scorecard Hole #5 – Hit 250-280 yards of the tee. Anymore and you might have to take a drop out of the river.Remember that your second shot is downhill so make sure you compensate.

Scorecard Hole #6 – Risk / reward hole. Safe play is to hit it to the 150 marker and then hit to the green. Take a risk and try to cut the corner of the trees and have a wedge in. If you catch a tree you will be hitting 3 from the tee again.

Scorecard Hole #7 – Drastically uphill make sure to take enough club to get up the hill.

Scorecard Hole #8 – Drivable green for the big hitter.Small green so go for the center and you will still only have a 10-15 ft. putt.

Scorecard Hole #9 – Reachable par 5 just make sure your drive makes it up the hill.The farther left you aim the more carry you will need.When going at the green do not miss short and right. It’s almost impossible to get up and down from there.

Scorecard Hole #10 – Watch out for out of bounds all down the right side. Small green that’s well protected by bunkers so be careful with your approach.

Scorecard Hole #11 – A drive of 280 yards or more is needed to have a look at the green for your second shot. Sometimes it’s better to lay up to the 150 marker for your second shot then risking a lost ball in the hazard.

Scorecard Hole #12 – Long Par 3. Keep the ball short of the green. Hitting long or left will leave you a tough up and down.

Scorecard Hole #13 – Up hill par 3. Make sure you hit enough club to get all the way to the green but watch out for the bunkers guarding both sides of the green.

Scorecard Hole #14 – Hit your drive at the 150 pole or a little right. The farther right you hit it the shorter second shot. You must carry it over a natural area and you will have tree trouble on your second shot.

Scorecard Hole #15 – Once you carry the river be sure to not miss left. The left side slopes away from the green.

Scorecard Hole #16 – Straight away par 4 just watch out for the out of bounds along the entire right side.

Scorecard Hole #17 – Reachable par 5. Blast a drive and avoid the bunker on your second shot.

Scorecard Hole #18 – Short Par 5. Left is a hazard and right is tree trouble.Make sure to hit the fairway to reach the green in 2.Do not go long on your approach or you will have a tough time getting up and down.