About Us

Mission and Vision

At Rouge Park Golf Course, our mission is to provide exceptional golfing experiences in a picturesque natural setting, while promoting an inclusive and friendly community atmosphere. We envision becoming a renowned destination that caters to golf enthusiasts of all skill levels, serving as a hub for recreation, learning, and entertainment.

Company History and Founder

Rouge Park Golf Course was founded in 1992 by the visionary entrepreneur David Frey. Inspired by his passion for both golf and nature, David sought to create a premier golfing facility that would blend harmoniously with the serene beauty of the surrounding Rouge Park landscape in North Carolina. With unwavering determination and meticulous attention to detail, David turned his vision into reality, establishing the vibrant Rouge Park Golf Course as a prized jewel of the local community.

Purpose of Our Website

The creation of this website stems from our commitment to deliver an unparalleled and user-friendly experience to our valued community of golf enthusiasts. Aiming to provide updated information, seamless booking services, and a virtual guide to our astounding facility, we strive to ensure that every visitor finds Rouge Park Golf Course a go-to destination for their golfing needs.

Objective of Our Website

Our website serves as a comprehensive portal designed to cater to the diverse requirements and interests of our wide array of visitors. We aim to provide accessibility in a convenient and informative manner while promoting the unmatched beauty and facilities offered by Rouge Park Golf Course. Whether you are a seasoned golf professional, a novice golfer eager to learn, or simply planning a day of enjoyment in a picturesque setting, our website will guide and assist you every step of the way.

Target Audience

Rouge Park Golf Course extends a warm invitation to golfers of all ages and proficiency levels, as well as to families, corporate groups, and golf event organizers seeking an extraordinary experience. Whether you are a passionate golf lover, a nature enthusiast, or someone in search of wholesome recreational activities, Rouge Park Golf Course bundles excitement and tranquility to suit your preferences.

Unique Value and Expertise

What sets Rouge Park Golf Course apart is not just our breathtaking course, but also the dedicated team of experienced and highly skilled professionals behind every facet of our establishment. From our talented course architects who have meticulously crafted a challenging and enjoyable golf experience, to our attentive and resourceful staff who ensure each visitor receives exceptional hospitality, we take pride in delivering an unparalleled level of service and satisfaction.

Experience the wonders of Rouge Park Golf Course through our website, where we bring our expertise and passion directly to you — guiding you towards an unforgettable golfing encounter and the chance to create cherished memories in the heart of nature.

Let us welcome you to Rouge Park Golf Course, the pristine landscape where golf meets beauty!

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